Aqua Kem Blue Conc. 0.78L – Equivalent to 2L of Standard Liquid


  • Aqua Kem Blue Concentrate
  • Suitable for Porta Potti
  • 2.5 times concentrate
  • Sold individually

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A powerful, highly effective, 2.5 times concentrated toilet fluid for the waste-holding tank of your Cassette and portable toilet.
Features More power per drop*
Less weight and less space*
Significantly improved liquefication for easier tank emptying*
Easy to handle bottle
* Compared to the original Aqua Kem Blue 0.78L = 2L

Product Specifications:

  • Aqua Kem Blue Concentrate
  • Aqua Kem Blue Concentr. 0.78L – (Equiv to 2L of Std)
  • 0.78L – (Equiv to 2L of Std).

1 x Aqua Kem Blue Conc. 0.78L