Diamondbrite Lift Off Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser (500ml)


  • Formulated to remove dirt and stubborn residue
  • Safe for use on paintwork, wheels, and engine bays
  • 500ml

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Diamondbrite Lift Off is a fragrant multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser, it has been specially formulated to remove dirt and stubborn residue, making light work of bird lime and insect debris (such as dead flies), oil and grease spots, brake dust and general traffic film, together with road grime.

Safe for use on all surfaces, designed with paintwork, door shuts, alloy wheels, wheel arches and engine bays particularly in mind – all the places where gunk and baked-on dirt regularly collect.

Directions for use:

Rinse the area, spray directly onto the surface, rinse off with water or sponge off, and wash and dry the vehicle normally.

Size: 500ml





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