Brunner One-piece Lashing Strap 4M


  • 4m length
  • Zinc die-cast clamping buckle
  • Lashing force: 5 daN (250 kg)

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The Brunner Brunner One Piece 4M Lashing Strap is a one-piece 4m lashing strap with a zinc die-cast clamping buckle for tightening the strap’s grip around any object.
With an open strap end for securing loads, the Brunner Pack Solid 4m Lashing Strap is ideal for securing luggage to a roof rack, bikes on the rear of your vehicle, or keeping many other items tied down and secured whilst in transit in your vehicle.


  • Lashing force: 5 daN (250 kg)
  • Length: 4m
  • Zinc die-cast buckle






  • How long is the Brunner One-piece Lashing Strap?

    The Brunner One-piece Lashing Strap is 4 metres in length.