Brunner Monsun Hairdryer


  • Convenient 12V travel hair dryer.
  • Space-saving folding handle
  • Shaped diffuser
  • Includes carry case

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Bring an element of home comfort to your campervan on the campsite with the Brunner Monsun Hairdryer.

When using the Brunner Monsun Hairdyer you must ensure you are charging your campervan battery while it is in use. If you are off grid camping, you can plug the Brunner Monsun Hairdryer into a power source.

The Brunner Monsun Hairdryer features a folding handle and folds square when not in use.


  • 2 heat settings
  • 2 meter cable
  • Folding handle


  • 12V UK plug

x 1 Brunner Monsun 12V Travel Hairdryer

Brunner Monsun 12V Travel Hairdryer